The time I was blackmailed and how I used the experience to write an amazing erotic romance

Blackmailers Secret

So here’s the thing, the original inspiration for my blackmailer story comes from a time when I was actually blackmailed.

It happened in high school. A friend of mine—let’s call her Melissa—started dating another friend, Mikey. I’d been friends with Mikey for ages. He was like a brother, but Melissa was bold and sexy and wild. Her dream back then was to become a professional dominatrix and she let everyone know about it.

Well, one night we were on the phone—this is before texting y’all—just talking about stuff and I came out to her. I told her I was bisexual. She was the very first person I told and she was absolutely cool with it. Maybe I’d been hoping she’d come out to me, too—but it didn’t go down like that.

So a month later, she tells me that she fucked some random guy at a Tool show. He was hot and tattooed and shirtless and just ripped. I guess I was supposed to be happy for her, proud of her, but I blurted out, “What about Mikey?” He was my best friend and I was so naive that I just assumed they’d broken up or that she’d tell him. I was sixteen. I didn’t understand anything that didn’t happen in fantasy novels back then.

Melissa’s voice went all cold and serious. “If you tell anyone what I just told you I will tell everyone that you’re a queer. Mikey, your parents, everyone. No one will like you anymore. You won’t have any friends.” I was terrified and I believed her. I shouldn’t have, half my friends were in the closet themselves, but all of us were too scared to tell each other.

I kept her secret. She kept mine. When no one was listening she’d drop hints, remind me of the leverage she held over me. At the end of the school year she broke up with Mikey and tried to make it as a professional domme for a month before she went and joined the Navy. I never heard from her again.

At the time, it was this cloud I lived under. This enduring shame. I fully believed that being bi was enough of a reason for people to not love me. I am relieved to say that wasn’t even the slightest bit true.

But here I am now, remembering those intense feelings, and channeling them into the sexiest damn story about blackmail ever.

So do me a favor, when the book comes out next week buy a copy and help me tell Melissa to fuck off.

You can pick up the first book in the Billionaire Blackmail series completely free.

Succubus Academy – New from Jacqueline Sweet – Book 3 of The Reluctant Succubus

In the dark reflection of our world, wrapped in shadows,

hides a school where a succubus can master her powers


Succubus Academy Cover


Caught between hunger and love, Sarah Mayhew searches for control. The darkness within her rages and brings her ever closer to oblivion. The demon No Name offers a solution, but it comes at a terrible price.

With the help of the demon and her sometimes-boyfriend, sometimes-sex slave Alec, Sarah travels to the shadowy world of Erebus, to the Palace of Sighs, where the Succubus Queen awaits. The Succubus Academy offers Sarah the only chance she has to master her powers and to contain her desire, but is she already too far gone for help?

Succubus Academy is the third book in the five-part Reluctant Succubus series. It is approximately 30,000 words and intended for adults. The books contains frequent, graphic, creative, mind-blowing sex scenes. Some of which involve bdsm themes, magic, mind control, and orgies.



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The throne room of Tera, the succubus queen, was suitably majestic. It was cavernous, with ceilings so tall they were lost in darkness. Ribbons of red silk dangled from great heights with acrobats swinging and dancing upon them. Great bonfires in sporadic rows burned brightly, like a medieval version of an airport runway. Between the bonfires were heaps of writhing bodies, moaning and licking and stroking each other. Men and women and some who were both and some who were neither were locked in a great orgy like one living being. A chorus of sighs and cries of pleasure reverberated in the room. The fires led deeper into the chamber, stopping at a raised, stepped platform—like an altar—atop which sat a beautiful woman on a golden throne.

Her Majesty Queen Tera of the Succubi had chestnut brown hair spilling over her shoulders in luxurious waves. Her blue eyes were playful and curious, watching everything in her hall at once, delighting in everything they saw. She had full red lips, caught in a perpetual smile like a cat licking from a bowl of cream. Tera wore an armored corset, a crimson, nearly transparent skirt slit up to her hips, and armored boots that rose up her thighs. Her breasts looked like she was poured into her top, and some spilled over.

I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. She looked human. Except for the tiniest red horns poking through her hair and a thin devil’s tail curled about her leg. I’d been expecting—I don’t know—something monstrous and cruel, like the blue succubus that nearly stole my mind. But Tera—Tera looked nice.

The energy in the room couldn’t have been more sexual. Esme had been right, the orgy was a wind blowing gently on my skin. It fed me, nourished me, ever so slightly. I walked down the path defined by the fires—no one was on the path but me and my escorts—and off to my right a man’s voice cried out in crescendo, setting off a chain reaction of climaxes in the succubuses around him. The gentle wind became a tornado as the sexual power exploded from the revelers. It lifted me off my feet and shook me like a chew toy, spinning me around and around until I forced myself to open up and accept the pleasure.


Down Deep Down – a tale of erotic horror

Down Deep Down

a tale of erotic horror


This is a bit different than my usual stories. I wrote this last year for the erotic Lovecraft anthology, “The Conqueror Womb.” Make no mistake: this is a horror story. There is not a happy ending.

But coming soon from Jacqueline Sweet is SUCCUBUS ACADEMY, the third volume in my Reluctant Succubus series and after that will be part two of Billionaire Blackmail, which I honestly cannot wait to publish. I am deliriously excited about it.

The Synopsis:

In the subterranean palace below my school is a room. The room is carved of an odd stone that weeps viscous sap when touched by living flesh. Inside that room is a table, knee-high and longer than a bed, the slab is made of some blackened wood that appears burnt but has no odor at all. Inside the room, on that table, lies a book. The book is old, bound in mottled leather, the pages sing under your fingertips when you read it.

The book knows things.

Donny and I found the book while looking for the perfect place to pop our cherries. We were both virgins; the place had to be special. Everyone in school knew about the subterranean palace, about the not-so-secret passage behind the painting of the first graduating class of Goatswood High. Everyone knew already that the key to opening the hoary, ice-bound door, was your own blood. C’mon, we weren’t babies.

But we weren’t prepared for what we found down there, in the bone catacombs. We weren’t prepared for what we did to each other. In the down deep down below our town, every secret was revealed.

DOWN DEEP DOWN is a 3,500-word story of erotic horror.

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Billionaire Desires will satisfy your every fantasy. These strong, sexy, filthy-rich billionaires will set your mind and body on fire. Enjoy 11 salacious stories of steamy action from a collection of best-selling erotica authors.

Meeting Jack Kemble by Sky Corgan

Maid for Punishment by Lacey Harper

The Billionaire’s Honey by Don Draco

Serving the Boss by A. A. Bailey

The Billionaire’s Indulgence by Ellen Waite

Fantasy, Inc.–Billionaire’s Bad Girls by Lee Moore

The Billionaire’s Harem by Skye Hunter

The Ghostwriter by Jacqueline Sweet

A Billionaire Punishes by Nic Saint

The Billionaire’s Neighbor by T. B. Weakes

The Billionaire’s Help by Zania Summers

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SUCCUBUS ACADEMY — Cover Reveal and Tease!

Image Succubus Academy, where hungry demons master their skills and each other

Caught between desire and love, Sarah Mayhew searches for control. The darkness within her rages and brings her ever closer to oblivion. The demon No Name offers a solution, but it comes at a terrible price.

With the help of the demon and her sometimes-boyfriend, sometimes-sex slave Alec, Sarah travels to the shadowy world of Erebus, to the Palace of Sighs, where the Succubus Queen dwells. The Succubus Academy offers Sarah the only chance she has to master her powers and to contain her desire, but is she already too far gone for help?

Succubus Academy is the third book in the five-part Reluctant Succubus series. It is approximately 25,000 words and intended for adults. The books contains frequent, graphic, creative, mind-blowing sex scenes. Some of which involve bdsm themes, magic, mind control, and orgies.

Available SOON from Jacqueline Sweet and Guilty Treasures Press


The doors slam behind us. Before us is a castle straight from the imagination. Massive stone arches and columns stretch to the sky, supporting a ceiling painted with frescoes depicting an endless variety of sexual acts. If Michelangelo had been a sex-obsessed nymphomaniac, and had a thousand years to work, he still couldn’t have approached the work on display. The floor sports a checkerboard pattern, polished to an eye-searing shine. Guttering torches dotted the marble walls, illuminating the hall before us. 

“It’s bigger on the inside,” I say

“It’s the magic. Only the will of the queen rules in this place,” No Name grumbles around the massive fangs in his mouth. I can barely understand him. Every minute that passes renders him more bestial, more animal-like. How soon until I don’t recognize him at all?

“Only one way to go,” Alec says.

Behind us, the great bird screeches and claws at the door with a thunderous boom. I clutch Alec’s hand with my left and rest my right on No Name’s hunched shoulder between his sharp protruding blades. He’s walking on his knuckles now, resembling a gorilla more than anything. 

“Let’s go.”

Touching Alec, his mind is still closed to me, but I get impressions, fleeting emotions. Wonder and curiosity vie against terror in his heart. He wants to stay brave for me. I squeeze his hand gently, affectionately, and almost turn to smile at him. But I remember at the last second, can’t make eye contact.

“Have you noticed that this place is in color? Not like outside, but for real in color?”

“It looks like our world,” I say.

“This is a place of strong emotion,” a voice says behind us and I nearly leap out of my boots. The voice belongs to a gorgeous woman with skin the color of fresh caramel. She wears a ruby red scarf wound about her head, hiding her hair and a veil of golden coins hides her face. Even her eyes are obscured to us. She is otherwise naked, with full breasts and wide shoulders, nipples small as raisins. But where her legs should be is instead a snake’s body, brown and mottled. The tail curls under her, supporting her weight. If she stretched out, how long would she be? Fifteen feet?Twenty?

“We seek sanctuary,” No Name says, bowing low before the snake woman.

She ignores him, ignores Alec. “You are most welcome here, sister.” I can’t see her face, but I can hear the smile in her musical, soothing voice. She takes my hand in hers and curtsies, her coils writhing under her hypnotically. “The Palace of Sighs awaits.”



On Sybians, Succubi, and Storytelling Engines

Do you ever think about storytelling engines? John Seavey used to have this blog where he’d examine the different “engines” behind successful fiction. Like, Buffy had the whole Hellmouth and Slayer thing, providing an endless possibility of stories to be told. Or hospital dramas with a new emergency every week. Cop shows with new murders to investigate. And so on.

When a show or book series don’t have a solid engine under the hood, they can sometimes appear to be flailing around or coasting on fumes. True Blood, as much as I love it, suffers from this.

I just read Selena Kitt’s wonderfully sexy The Sybian Club and I couldn’t help but think about what a seriously great engine she has in her hands (or between her thighs, in this case). A woman wants to buy a sybian, an expensive saddle vibrator infamous for mind-melting orgasms and comes up with a scheme to rent time on the machine to her friends and associates as a way of paying it off. Sexy times result. It’s a brilliant device and an incredibly sexy read. (Seriously y’all, go buy it.)

When I started my Reluctant Succubus series it was with a few goals in mind:

a) Tackle the challenge of writing a serialized novel, making each part itself a complete and erotic story that adds up to a greater whole.

b) Write the succubus novel that I’ve always wanted to read.

c) Create a storytelling engine that would give me a reasonable and logical narrative device so that my main character, Sarah Mayhew, could indulge in crazy hot sex whenever the story called for it.

d) Have fun.

The engine was important to me though. There’s nothing more off-putting in erotica than a sex scene shoe-horned in just to meet some imagined quota. The sex needs to flows naturally from character and plot motivations AND it needs to do all the things in erotica that an action scene would in other stories: sex scenes need to reveal character, they need to move the plot, they need to bring resolution BEFORE emotional resolution (or ideally at the same time).

My Billionaire Blackmail story begins with my Ghostwriter sleeping with the billionaire Logan Grant in an attempt to get information, to build trust, and also just to bed him because she’s physically attracted. But as the story continues the blackmail itself becomes the engine for the erotic encounters.

My upcoming novel–featuring a dominatrix who gets caught between a werewolf pack and a predatory succubus–has a main character who is literally a sex worker and who ends up with abilities that can only be harnessed with sexual energy.

When you’re writing your erotica, it’s worth keeping in mind the need for a solid engine to drive the story. If you get the mixture just right, the stories will write themselves.

When a magical aphrodisiac drives your town mad with lust, how can you know your love is real?

When a magical aphrodisiac drives your town mad with lust, how can you know your love is real? 

That’s exactly the problem facing brave Olivia and her mysterious alpha shifter mate, Cal. Their sex is wicked and hot, but could it still burn without the magic erasing their inhibitions?

Sweet, nerdy Max and the gorgeous alpha werewolf Luke are wondering the same thing. When the spell is disrupted, will Max return to Luke’s debauched den? Or will he smarten up and run for it before it’s too late?

The only way to know their love is for real is to find the witch responsible for the spell and force her to end it. But when they meet the surprisingly young and fit witch, it’s not fighting she has in mind. 

New from Devon March and Guilty Treasures Press, the Witch’s Orgy is the final chapter in The Mystery of Pleasant Valley
This 8,000-word story features explicit hot sex, and includes orgies, sex magic, dominant librarians, and werewolves who will just barge in on you. The Mystery of Pleasant Valley is a lighthearted, erotic paranormal mystery series. It is intended only for readers over 18.

“Do you know what you do me?” he says, his voice rough, the words dragging like stone on stone. “Do you know how close I come to letting go?”

He breathes hard, almost shaking, and the loop of leather skids against her skin.

“Do it,” she says.

His eyes fly open and he stares at her, desperate, almost skittish, unsure of his control. She sees it all and her blood thrills at the thought of him riding that edge.

“I would not harm you,” he says.

“I know. Cal, please –” and she lets her legs fall open, inviting.

“Hold on to the bars,” he says, “and don’t let go.”              


The Mystery of Pleasant Valley is explored in these books:

Prelude: Kneel For You (not necessary to the story, but still sweet and sexy and featuring Olivia and Cal finally hooking up)
Part One: The No Panties Day
Part Two: Knocking on the Alpha’s Door
Part Three: The Witch’s Orgy

You can find all of Devon’s books on Amazon here.