My new story, THE LIPSTICK CURSE, now for sale on Amazon

Lipstick Curse-200


The Lipstick Curse is a 5,700 word story of revenge, magic, curses, mind control, female domination, bondage and oral sex. It features dubious consent and a woman growing a magical cock. If these aren’t your kinks, this might not appeal to you.

Carissa Palmer, maker of magical wonders, is recovering from a succubus attack and is temporarily soulless. Seeking to enjoy some chaos, she looks up an ex-boyfriend and brings along a special tube of lipstick she’s newly cursed. He thinks he’s inviting her in for a one night stand but Carissa has revenge sex in her heart and he might not like what she has planned.



She was eager to get her plan underway but forced herself to slow down, to enjoy the unfolding of the moment. Straddling him on the sofa, she yanked his shirt over his head. Alex was a submissive down to his bones: he was more than happy to let Carissa drive. The tastefully dim light threw shadows across his torso, hid his face in darkness. Carissa leaned back, wedged her firm ass over his firmer cock and painted his body with her fingertips. Gone was the softness of old, replaced with lean muscle. His new firm body delighted her, made his submission more pronounced. It was one thing to have a man submit to you that you could physically overpower but it was another thing indeed when that man was far stronger than you. The submission felt earned. He was the beast to her beauty, or so it seemed.

Her fingertips found scars criss-crossing his ribcage. She traced them with her tongue, earning a hiss from Alex. His chest was hairless, recently shaved she guessed. He’d always had a thing against body hair. And, oh, another new surprise. His nipples were pierced now with slender silver rings. Carissa took one in her finger, it was warm from his flesh. She tugged on it. Gently at first and Alex moaned, squirming under her. The furnace of desire roared inside her. Carissa tugged harder, pulling the ring as far as she could from his body with a slow insistence. Alex cried out, his back arching. Carissa braced one hand against his chest, forcing him back down to the couch. She kissed him then, pulling the ring again just as their lips touched. He moaned into her mouth and it almost sent her over the edge right there.

“Do you like them?” Alex whispered, his eyes pleading.

In answer, Carissa brought her tongue to his nipple and took the ring in her teeth. She licked and sucked at his sensitive buds until she was worried he might cream his jeans. Satisfied he’d had enough, she climbed off him.


Available on Amazon exclusively


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