What I love about science fiction (even though I don’t write it)

For me the lure of good sci-fi is complicated. But that’s because sci-fi, as a genre, is a shelf with some extremely different stories on it.

The last sci-fi story I read was the Expanse trilogy by James S.A. Corey. It’s a fun, gripping read that illustrates one of the things I love most about sci-fi: the scale.

In a sci-fi story whole planets can be at risk, galaxies can hang in the balance. The risks are enormous, the stakes are unimaginable. The melodramatic weight of the plot is thrilling, epic. I love it.

But I also love sci-fi stories that exist to reimagine different ways of being as a way to better understand ourselves. Think: Ursula K LeGuin or Joanna Russ or Candace Jane Dorsey. It’s science fiction as a warped mirror that shows us our true face.


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