Snippet from my spanking story currently in progress

Here it is, lovelies, a preview of my newest story. The working title is THE TUG OF YOUR LEASH. It’s a short, intense tale about spanking, public humiliation, bondage and losing your anal cherry.


Her strong hand slides up the leather leash, the length whispering in her hand, until she’s grasping the ring at your throat. The steel ring is set in a larger metal collar, a thick band encircling your neck. You’ve been wearing it for weeks, ever since she gave it to you. Just feeling the weight on your neck makes you crave her touch. When you see the collar in the mirror against your tanned neck a delicious warmth floods you. The collar has put you into a state of near-permanent arousal. She joked when she collared you—when she locked the metal about your body and tied the key around her own neck—she joked that the collar was magic. The collaring was a magical spell joining you two together.

When her hand grasped the ring and pulled, you believed it was magic. Why else did it feel so right to be so owned?

Your head is tugged slowly and forcefully down, forcing you to bend at the waist until your head is nearly touching your toes. You wobble on your heels. The blood is rushing to your head. As you bend your skirt rides up, helped by her hand, until it’s folded over you. Your hands grasp your ankles. You have no idea what she’s planning but you realize you’re entirely exposed, bent double, in the middle of the sidewalk. 

She drops the leash to the ground, releases her iron grip on your collar. Then, before you can stand or shift, she stands on the leash near where it’s tethered to your neck, tugging you ever closer to the ground. The air smells like rain is on the way. There is no wind. Cars drive and honk two blocks over, on the busy neighborhood street. If just one of them turned they’d see you, all ass and legs, on display for the world. 

You can’t lie: you love it.


Due out soon on Smashwords, Amazon and all the best places where steamy spanking stories are found.


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