What I’m working on in November

Nursing a Halloween hangover here, lovelies, and trying to put off doing actual writing or editing by taking care of, well, everything else I possibly can. Here’s a thing you should know about me: I’m an obsessive list-maker. I make lists for everything. And not just your average grocery lists or gift lists or to-do lists. Not me. When I get a bug of an idea stuck in my head I get it out by making lists. Like, “ice cream flavors I want to make.” (Hint: the next up is buttermilk ice cream). Or, “songs featuring bisexual narrators.” 

I don’t exactly refer back to these lists, but if I don’t make them the ideas just keep piling up. Like this list here, I needed to write this so I’d stop circling my writing projects like a dizzy buzzard.

  • First off, I’m working through my Big Edit of the upcoming novel. I’d love to get this monster out before Christmas but a real dirty, gritty edit takes time. You can rush the writing, you can rush the reading, but you’d better make your edits count. A sloppy edit just means  . . . another big edit when you’re done. 
  • Have I told you about the novel? It’s an urban fantasy, paranormal romance adventure with a dominatrix as the hero. She gets bit by a werewolf and claimed by a succubus on the same day. Her life gets turned upside down, sexy upside down. It’s a planned trilogy, or maybe more. My idea list for the series is out of control.
  • Alison Tyler is one of the greatest living erotica writers–we all agree on that right? Good. I submitted a story for her next BDSM anthology and plan to publish it on Amazon at some point as well. Currently I’m trying to whip some cover designs into shape.
  • The darlings over at Martian Migraine press possess an enthusiasm that it just infectious. I adore their whole vibe and am writing up a story to submit to their newest erotic horror anthology. (Submissions are open, by the way.) Lovecraft has never appealed to me as a writer–he has some great ideas and his mythos is charmingly alien–so I’ve been reading up on him and Ramsey Campbell, to get my head around this whole Shub-Niggurath thing. I adore a challenge and an excuse to stretch myself into new literary areas, so this’ll be fun. I have 1,000 words down on the story and will post an excerpt here when I have something cleaned up for you.
  • The biggest item on this list though is to get some groundwork laid for the second novel. It’s going to involve vampires, hot m/m/f scenes, and lots of wonderful weirdness.

Pop in by the comments and let me know what you’re working on right now, or what you’re ready, what you’re eating, etc, etc, etc.


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