Free on Amazon THE LIPSTICK CURSE (November 8th and 9th)


Hello everyone,

On Amazon today and tomorrow my story THE LIPSTICK CURSE is temporarily free. This story is a deleted scene from my novel that’s been reworked to be a standalone story. It’s much, much darker than the actually novel (which is why I removed it) but if you like kinky, femdom-y sex with a side order of dubious consent and magical curses you might enjoy this.

Here’s the link.

The Lipstick Curse is a 5,700 word story of revenge, magic, curses, mind control, female domination, bondage and oral sex. It features dubious consent and a woman growing a magical cock. If these aren’t your kinks, this might not appeal to you.


Carissa Palmer, maker of magical wonders, is recovering from a succubus attack and is temporarily soulless. Seeking to enjoy some chaos, she looks up an ex-boyfriend and brings along a special tube of lipstick she’s newly cursed. He thinks he’s inviting her in for a one night stand but Carissa has revenge sex in her heart and he might not like what she has planned.

Please pop over and pick it up and if you enjoy it, please leave a review. 


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