Lovely reviews for Jacqueline Sweet’s “Seduced by the Dragon”

The reviews are in and they are just lovely. It’s always a gamble when an author releases a story into the wild–you never really know how people will respond to your words so I just had to share these two exceptionally kind ones.


Night Owl Reviews has selected my story as a Top Pick! Their reviewer, Arianne, wrote: 

“The author has created an erotic paranormal romance short story that has a mere forty pages to it. Though this short story might lack the page length like other erotic tales it does, however, have something going for it…it packs a wallop in the erotic department. The sex scene in the story will burn you and your house down; it’s that steamy! It also has a kick-ass heroine to boot! Rowan doesn’t fear anything since she grew up in a family of werewolf shifters and that includes the dragon in this tale that towers over buildings. This story pacing is like a roller coaster ride; it’s slow in the beginning but it picks up speed in the middle and flies downhill to the end of it.

Rowan is a human who grew up in a family of werewolves’ shifters; in fact her father is the alpha of his pack. Since she did not get the gene that allows a person to shift into a werewolf her entire family has guarded, they say protected, her from everything in life. Rowan has been dreaming for years of a huge golden dragon and killing it. However knowing her parents will not put her in danger she turns to the one person who might help her, the pack’s witch Carissa. Eliassalon is sleeping in his cave when he hears a female voice daring him to come out and fight. He cannot believe his eyes when he looks upon the young female who has dared to challenge him wearing only a black lacy bra and panty set!”

And on Amazon, CherryGirl says:

“What a fun new concept to shifting/paranormal erotic fiction! I really enjoyed this short story and the premise or promise of a new series? I only have one complaint, this story was too short. I wanted more, for it to continue. So, 4.5 stars.

There is magic and sweet charms. A willful heroine. A wise, sexy wolf-pack priestess guide and oh, a dragon. But who captures who? This story gives new meaning to capturing a ‘pet’.

Rowan is the bold, adventurous daughter of werewolves and Clarissa is the pack’s ‘priestess-whore’ who used to be a dominatrix.Together, they make a powerful duo as they trek to catch a dragon. A dragon who speaks right into Rowan’s mind, who bends reality when they near, who invades Rowan’s dreams. Eventually, her desires.

Reality blurs, lust is incited. It’s a fun read, trust me.”


Such great reviews. It really thrills me to read these. 

Speaking of thrills, I should have two new books dropping very soon. One an erotic story of spanking and public humiliation, and the other a deliciously weird Lovecraftian riff that is, yes, an erotic horror story.


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