Spanking Violet





Note: This story is temporarily unavailable for sale. Very sorry folks. I’m doing what I can to get it back on Amazon and in your trembling hands. Thanks for your interest.


New from Jacqueline Sweet:

“I’m going to have your ass tonight,” your girlfriend says over dinner. You can’t pay the check fast enough. But on the way home to see what she has in store for you who happens across your path but that cute butch Sheriff’s deputy you see every day.

It isn’t long before they’re taking turns spanking you. And then, ass still stinging, your girlfriend takes you home and makes good on her promise.

* * *
Spanking Violet” is an erotic short story about spanking, public humiliation, sexy lady cops, dog walking, bondage, kinky girlfriends, and anal sex.

* * *


“I sort of fell asleep out there. Did you get off?”

“Not yet.” She smiles, her face pressed to your neck. Her exhalation sends chills rolling down to your toes.

“Let’s do something about that.” You nibble her earlobe. She loves having her ears nibbled.

“I have just the thing in mind.” Her hand leaves your ass and grips the ring about your neck. She tugs your collar, pulling you closer.

“Anything,” you whisper. And you mean it.

And then she’s kissing you, her tongue driving into your mouth, taking your breath away. She’s pushing you backwards, steering you towards the bedroom with her presence. Her hand still holds your collar; you can’t escape her hunger. She kisses you so hard your knees want to give. You’d melt right through the floor if she wasn’t holding you so goddamn tight.

Your skirt falls to the floor. The buttons pop open on your top. Carissa nearly rips it from your body. One hand never leaves your collar, the other strips you completely.

“You belong to me.”

“Yes,” you say into her mouth as she kisses you.

On sale now at Amazon.


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