SEDUCED BY THE DRAGON is live on All Romance!

Buy it here!

My 5-Star story about a brave virgin who goes hunting dragons only to find much more than she bargained for is finally live at All Romance. Hopefully it will be for sale everywhere else ebooks are sold within the next week or at least by the time the sequel comes out. 

Lovely readers, here is an excerpt, to wet your appetites:

Too late she realized her mistake.

The chain was gone.

She’d dropped it.

She felt the dragon’s hands leave her rear. His tongue slid out from within her. She mewled involuntarily at the absence, feeling suddenly incomplete. A strong hand gripped her foot and she felt the cool whisper of the silver chain wrap itself around her ankle.

The world fell away again, leaving only Eliassalon, her dragon master, before her. She floated on an endless sea of silver silk. The chain about her ankle reassured her with its weight, tethering her to her lover. Without that cord she might just float away. He had been handsome before; now, with her vision warped by the magic chain, he was magnificent. He was the light of the world, her golden lord. She’d do anything he asked, anything he needed, as long as he held on to that lovely silver chain.

Eliassalon grinned at her. “I promised I would taste you, and I have. Now I think it is time for you to taste my flesh.” The chain tugged and she knelt before him, his strange cock dangled before her. Another tug—the chain pulled not at her foot but instead somewhere deep within her person, as if it was tied to her soul itself. She settled back, sitting on her feet, and grasped her hands behind her back. Her master said nothing; she felt his desires as if they were her own.


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