Jacqueline Sweet books FREE this week for Read An Ebook Week


Smashwords is celebrating Read An Ebook Week by giving away free ebooks and reducing the price on many more. It’s a fantastic deal. You should probably check out the sites for your other favorite authors, they likely have some books enrolled in the deal, too.


The first part of my five-part Reluctant Serial is now free at Smashwords. It’s a darkly sexy story about a woman who sells her soul for the perfect body and finds herself thrust into an erotic game with a demon. The second part, which I am super excited to share with you, should be out later this week. My goal was to publish a new part every two weeks, but life got in the way. Part three is currently in production and the rest is plotted out. 


My Valentine’s Day story, Horny Werewolf Day is also free at Smashwords this week only. Use the coupon RW100. It features characters from my upcoming novel, Making Magic as well as from Seduced by the Dragon and Spanking Violet. All of my stories take place in the same world so the characters end up crossing over quite often.


Speaking of Seduced by the Dragon, it’s half-off right now at Smashwords with this coupon REW50. The sequel is underway, by the way. It should be even more fun than the first part and even more full of sexy bondage games with dragons. 

And sign up for my mailing list to get a free copy of SPANKING VIOLET (it may take up to 24 hours for the free book to arrive.)

Coming Soon

The second part of the Reluctant Succubus serial–SUCCUBUS KISSING BOOTH–will be out this week at all the usual ebook retailers.

The first part of my serialized novel, Making Magic, about a dominatrix that gets bit by a werewolf and stalked by a succubus, will be out later in March.

And I’m launching a new series of short, hot pieces co-created with my longtime writing partner, Devon March, set in the Penrose Academy. Imagine an oversexed Hogwarts crossed with a small American liberal arts college, staffed by stern teachers and full of the trickiest witches and wizards you’ve ever seen. 


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