Succubus Kissing Booth – only $.99 – out now from Jacqueline Sweet

Book #2 of the Reluctant Succubus series is out! It’s a delicious story of a woman giving in to temptation and exploring the dark side of her sexuality, set at a steamy summer fair in San Francisco.

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Sarah Mayhew made a deal with a demon for the body of her dreams.

Now Sarah finds herself suddenly indescribably hot. But her transformation has come with a price and an appetite that must be sated.

Office cutie Alec is all too happy to feed her what she needs, but can she control her new powers around him?

And what will she do when she’s forced to work the kissing booth at San Francisco’s sexiest street fair?

This book is intended for mature audiences only and contains explicit sexual acts.

Estimated Length: 10,000 words (a novelette)


“Sorry, Alec. I’m late for the kissing booth.” I unwrapped my overcoat and tossed it to him. His eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw what I was wearing. He didn’t even try to speak. “Try not to wrinkle it,” I called back over my shoulder as I went in search of my destiny.

The booth was all the way on the other side of the fair and the gates had just been opened. A flood of celebrants and tourists and voyeurs and shoppers crashed through the streets in a tidal wave. I was going to be late, but I didn’t mind. Wherever I walked I stopped traffic. Jaws dropped. Eyes goggled. People did double and triple takes. Maybe it was the shiny black heels like daggers of night on my feet? Maybe it was the crimson silk stockings stroking my long legs? Maybe it was the sliver of red thong splitting my magnificent ass in two? Or maybe it was the corset that seized my torso and thrust my breasts up on a platter for all the world to see? Head to toe I looked like a vision of wicked delights, like a demon sent to tempt men with unheard-of pleasures.

Maybe I was.

My research suggested I was a succubus. A temptress. A fiendish creature that fed on sexual energy. 

That felt right.

So I decided to look the part. As I walked to the kissing booth I adjusted the devil horns on my head. I practiced swinging my hips so the Halloween-store devil’s tail would swish back and forth. The stunned and drooling gawkers parted before me and trailed me like a comet’s tail. 

Maybe this succubus thing wouldn’t be so bad?



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