“Knocking on the Alpha’s Door” – New paranormal erotica from Devon March

Knocking on the Alpha’s Door is the second part of Devon’s “Mystery of Pleasant Valley” series. Part one is The No Panties Day and it is totally free on Amazon. This is a hot entry featuring M/M werewolves and F/F/Tentacles. Max and Olivia get closer to figuring out why everyone in Pleasant Valley seems to be constantly bonking each other’s brains out but to get their answers they may have to explore uncharted territories.


Knocking on the alphas door-200

Why is everyone in Pleasant Valley constantly boning? Max has a plan to find out.

He’ll ask the local alpha werewolf, Luke. Because the town might be under a spell, and Luke probably knows about supernatural things, right? Max’s massive crush has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, Olivia steps through the portal in the library, looking for answers of her own . . .

This 5,000-word story features explicit hot sex, werewolves, bisexuality, polyamory, dominant librarians, and — last but certainly not least — a tentacle goddess.

The Mystery of Pleasant Valley is a lighthearted, erotic paranormal mystery series. It is intended only for readers over 18. “Knocking on the Alpha’s Door” is Book Two in the series. Don’t miss Book One, “The No Panties Day,” and the Prologue, “Kneel For You.”


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