Now FREE on Amazon – Billionaire Blackmail – Book One


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Erotic BDSM Romance Serial Novel | ~13,000 words | Part 1 of 3

Curvy, sassy Jessica Hart is a ghostwriter for the rich and powerful. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the real story and satisfy her client. But her new job has a twist–her publisher wants her to destroy the billionaire this time.

Logan Grant is a financial whiz, a stock market genius, and handsome, too. Every moment of his life is planned and controlled, except meeting Jessica. She gets under his skin in ways no other woman has. If only he could trust her . . .

Jessica will do anything to unlock Logan’s mystery, even if it means playing a risky sexual game with the billionaire. But some lines once crossed can never be uncrossed.

The Ghostwriter is the first book in the exciting new Billionaire Blackmail series. It features explicit sex, bdsm, and the world’s most powerful vibrator. Mature audiences only, please.

*  *  *


My skin buzzes with excitement. Logan’s voice is low, his motions calm and fluid. Here, in this black leather playroom, I’m finally seeing the real man. And I like it. I like it a lot.

“How does that work? This subspace thing.”

He shakes his head. “It’s impossible to describe.”

“Can you show me?”

The words hang in the air between us. Logan’s eyes sparkle in the darkness.

Carefully, he says, “It takes practice. It takes time.”

I step closer to him, until my tightly budded nipples scratch against his bare chest. “I have all night.” I am utterly shameless. I’ll do anything to get the real story. Even this. Logan trembles with anticipation. He tries to hide his eagerness, but it’s written in the twitch of his muscles, in his speechless stares. I know then, in an instant, the answer to the question I hadn’t asked myself yet. How many women has he brought down here? How many have walked that dark passage into this room? Just one. Just me. It’s clear I’m the first. The room smells new and not just like it’s been disinfected. The sex toys on the wall shine without scuff marks or obvious wear.

He’s going to break them in on me.

*  *  *

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