Down Deep Down – a tale of erotic horror

Down Deep Down

a tale of erotic horror


This is a bit different than my usual stories. I wrote this last year for the erotic Lovecraft anthology, “The Conqueror Womb.” Make no mistake: this is a horror story. There is not a happy ending.

But coming soon from Jacqueline Sweet is SUCCUBUS ACADEMY, the third volume in my Reluctant Succubus series and after that will be part two of Billionaire Blackmail, which I honestly cannot wait to publish. I am deliriously excited about it.

The Synopsis:

In the subterranean palace below my school is a room. The room is carved of an odd stone that weeps viscous sap when touched by living flesh. Inside that room is a table, knee-high and longer than a bed, the slab is made of some blackened wood that appears burnt but has no odor at all. Inside the room, on that table, lies a book. The book is old, bound in mottled leather, the pages sing under your fingertips when you read it.

The book knows things.

Donny and I found the book while looking for the perfect place to pop our cherries. We were both virgins; the place had to be special. Everyone in school knew about the subterranean palace, about the not-so-secret passage behind the painting of the first graduating class of Goatswood High. Everyone knew already that the key to opening the hoary, ice-bound door, was your own blood. C’mon, we weren’t babies.

But we weren’t prepared for what we found down there, in the bone catacombs. We weren’t prepared for what we did to each other. In the down deep down below our town, every secret was revealed.

DOWN DEEP DOWN is a 3,500-word story of erotic horror.

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