Succubus Academy – New from Jacqueline Sweet – Book 3 of The Reluctant Succubus

In the dark reflection of our world, wrapped in shadows,

hides a school where a succubus can master her powers


Succubus Academy Cover


Caught between hunger and love, Sarah Mayhew searches for control. The darkness within her rages and brings her ever closer to oblivion. The demon No Name offers a solution, but it comes at a terrible price.

With the help of the demon and her sometimes-boyfriend, sometimes-sex slave Alec, Sarah travels to the shadowy world of Erebus, to the Palace of Sighs, where the Succubus Queen awaits. The Succubus Academy offers Sarah the only chance she has to master her powers and to contain her desire, but is she already too far gone for help?

Succubus Academy is the third book in the five-part Reluctant Succubus series. It is approximately 30,000 words and intended for adults. The books contains frequent, graphic, creative, mind-blowing sex scenes. Some of which involve bdsm themes, magic, mind control, and orgies.



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The throne room of Tera, the succubus queen, was suitably majestic. It was cavernous, with ceilings so tall they were lost in darkness. Ribbons of red silk dangled from great heights with acrobats swinging and dancing upon them. Great bonfires in sporadic rows burned brightly, like a medieval version of an airport runway. Between the bonfires were heaps of writhing bodies, moaning and licking and stroking each other. Men and women and some who were both and some who were neither were locked in a great orgy like one living being. A chorus of sighs and cries of pleasure reverberated in the room. The fires led deeper into the chamber, stopping at a raised, stepped platform—like an altar—atop which sat a beautiful woman on a golden throne.

Her Majesty Queen Tera of the Succubi had chestnut brown hair spilling over her shoulders in luxurious waves. Her blue eyes were playful and curious, watching everything in her hall at once, delighting in everything they saw. She had full red lips, caught in a perpetual smile like a cat licking from a bowl of cream. Tera wore an armored corset, a crimson, nearly transparent skirt slit up to her hips, and armored boots that rose up her thighs. Her breasts looked like she was poured into her top, and some spilled over.

I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. She looked human. Except for the tiniest red horns poking through her hair and a thin devil’s tail curled about her leg. I’d been expecting—I don’t know—something monstrous and cruel, like the blue succubus that nearly stole my mind. But Tera—Tera looked nice.

The energy in the room couldn’t have been more sexual. Esme had been right, the orgy was a wind blowing gently on my skin. It fed me, nourished me, ever so slightly. I walked down the path defined by the fires—no one was on the path but me and my escorts—and off to my right a man’s voice cried out in crescendo, setting off a chain reaction of climaxes in the succubuses around him. The gentle wind became a tornado as the sexual power exploded from the revelers. It lifted me off my feet and shook me like a chew toy, spinning me around and around until I forced myself to open up and accept the pleasure.



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