Secret Lives – Seven Sexy Stories of Supernatural Secrets

When I was younger and just discovering the library, my favorite thing in the world was short story collections organized around a central theme. Dragons, ghosts, erotica, vampires, robots, the apocalypse–it didn’t matter. I gobbled them up. The reason I liked them so much was the variety. I got to see the way different minds approached the same material. And if I didn’t like a story, well, I could dust flip to the next one. But the best thing was that it helped me discover new authors to love. It was in anthologies that I first read Kelly Link and Lisa Tuttle and George RR Martin.

Secret Lives-7-erotica-400
Recreating that feeling with a modern take on the supernatural has been an absolute blast. We have stories about goblins and ghosts, werewolves and vampires, mind control and magic. If you’re a fan of paranormal erotic romance, there’s bound to be something for you in here. There are some really excellent stories in this really incredibly cheap bundle. Please do check it out.

Inside you’ll find 70,000 words of erotic paranormal romance featuring shifters, ghosts, vampires, aliens and all sorts of sexy creatures that like to go bump in the night.

Tempted by Blood by Jacqueline Sweet—When the boy you love won’t give you what you need, maybe his evil twin will.

Knights in White Bondage by A. Regina Cantatis—An enchanted thrall and her Mistress visit a fetish resort, where they fascinate their fellow guests and attract the attention of a would-be knight in shining armor.

Forking Around by Audrey Lusk—When you see the world differently from everyone else, it takes something unseen to make it a less lonely place.

Mrs. Wong’s by Troy King—Take one jaded fixer, one mysterious young woman, a dash of magick, add a seedy dive, and mix thoroughly.

Spooked by Ruby Madden—When Clementine inherits an aging Victorian mansion from her late aunt, never did she suspect she’d uncover a mysterious secret about a lover from the past, brought to the present, in the form of a ghost.

A Dangerous Seduction by Heather Cole—Soledad has everyone fooled that she’s an ordinary librarian until a mysterious shapeshifter makes her want to reveal more than just her true identity.

Vixen by Christin Lovell—Plus size Jessickah Banderkoff is a bartender by day, a guardian to the Underworld’s Kingdom by evening, and the vampire king’s lover by night, but every good thing must come to an end, right?

Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited


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