Bloodbound Heart: A Vampire Romance

Bloodbound Heart

a vampire romance by Jacqueline Sweet available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Bloodbound Heart-200

“Don’t do this for me, do it for yourself. Do it because it’s what you’ve been craving your entire life.”

There’s a vial on my nightstand. A crystal vial with a stopper made of a single large emerald. It’s the most valuable object in my apartment. Not just because the vial itself is older and expensive. No, it’s because of what’s inside the vial: My lover’s blood.

Dominic wants me to commit myself to him. Forever and ever. To bind my soul to his with blood. I want to say yes, but how can I?

Lyssa never speaks it, but I can see that she has desires she is too afraid to announce. If this is to be our last night together, I am going to give her what she is too afraid to ask for. In her heart she desires submission. She sees the darkness in me, the beast behind my eyes, and it excites her. She wants to be taken, to be dominated, to give in completely until she is consumed by lust and fire and there’s nothing left.

Tonight I will give that to her.

Bloodbound Heart is an approximately 6,000 word short story of vampire romance and submission.


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