Taken by my Shifter Billionaire Stepbrother and his Motorcycle Club (of Vampires)

New from Jacqueline Sweet and author Stikki Minaj!

“We make the Addams Family look like the Gilmore Girls.”

Billionaire Stepbrother Werewolf-200

There’s a curse on my family. We don’t talk about it with outsiders.
I’ve lived my life flitting from man to man, unable to spend more than one night with any of them. I never really wanted to, until I met Duke.

He’s rich. He’s gorgeous. He’s a werewolf. But our personal relationship has been complicated by a recent wedding.

After one night together, I need more. I’ll risk the curse to get what I crave. But Duke has a better idea. We can be together–maybe forever–but only if I’m initiated into his motorcycle gang of vampires.

The Surreal Sisters are a family hopelessly tangled up in paranormal mischief. Surreal Sisters stories are all standalone tales, but reading them all in a row sure is fun.


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