A Taste of Honeybear Wine (Bearfield book 2)

Everyone who read the first Bearfield book asked, “So when do we get Michael’s story?” Now. The answer is now. Sweet, sexy, mostly-nude Michael has his own Bearfield book and–from early reviews–it’s a pretty great one. Please check it out, and if you love it leave a review. Reviews not only help other readers find great books, but they help authors unlock more promotional opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them.

PS Marcus’s story is next. What is the giant, grumpy alpha hiding?

Get it now!

a taste of honeybear wine

When he broke into her house, he never expected to meet his mate.

When Alison Meadows inherits an old farmhouse, it’s the perfect opportunity to put her bad breakup behind her and start anew. The house is hers, free and clear. There’s just one catch: she has to find a mysterious lockbox amongst the mountains of junk her grandfather hoarded.

Michael Morrissey is a bear shifter with a big heart, a sexy shrug, and a clothing-optional lifestyle. The night he breaks into an old house looking for lost family treasure? That’s when he comes face to face with his mate. She’s beautiful and sassy and curvy in all the right places.

When a raven steals the lockbox they both want, Alison and Michael are in trouble. Now they’ll have to enter Bearfield’s dark shadow world, outsmart a trickster, and steal back the treasure they both need from an evil shifter. Can they keep their heat in check long enough to get the job done?

A Taste of Honeybear Wine is the second standalone book set in the sleepy and mysterious town of Bearfield. The Bearfield books can be read in any order and feature happy endings and no cliffhangers.

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