Red Hot Candy only $0.99! 22 hot new romances by 22 hot new authors! #RedHotCandy

NOTE: This book was a limited-time offer and is sadly no longer available.

Red Hot Candy is out now and is absolutely delicious. 22 never-before-published romance books by 22 talented-as-hell authors.


And only a buck?

This will only be available for a short time, so please snatch it up while you can.

My story in the collection, “Mated in Bearfield” tells the tale of Matt and Mina’s wedding day. See, in Bearfield, when a shifter marries there’s a ritual that must be observed. The shifter has to give up all earthly pleasures (yes, ALL!) for the month before the wedding. That means no sugar, no beer, and certainly no sex for Matt. What on earth will he do?

And Mina is busy herself with keeping her visiting mother from finding out about shifters and Bearfield’s little secrets, which would be easier if a bear cub wasn’t trying to eat her wedding pie. 😉

But all the headaches and self-denial will totally be worth it once they’re officially mated and Matt tears her dress off and takes her like he’s wanted to since the moment they met.

Get it today!

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