Chained – Dragon’s Heart book 1 – the Reckless Desires collection

Dragons Heart - Chained - Jacqueline Sweet - book 1This is the first in a brand new series – Dragon’s Heart! Part of the Reckless Desires multi-author collection. All of the Reckless books feature possessive, tortured Alphas and the brave heroines who save them with their love.

What happens when the woman with nothing left to lose falls for a shifter on the verge of losing everything?

When brilliant, curvy Bella Hart becomes unexpectedly jobless, she’s forced to move in with her father, groundskeeper at the mysterious Winter’s Breath estate. Dorian Winterborn, the estate’s intriguing new heir, is another surprise Bella didn’t see coming. Sexy, wry, and everything she’s ever wanted in a man, he exerts a sensual pull on Bella she is powerless to resist.

A terrible curse holds Dorian Winterborn captive: he is a dragon shifter who can’t shift. The dark magic that chains him is tearing him apart as the curse ravages his mind and body. Bella, with her light and laughter and undeniable sexiness, is one of the only things keeping him on the right side of sanity.

Bella and Dorian must work together to save not only the crumbling estate, but his very soul. Yet as she finds herself unexpectedly drawing closer to the tortured man, can she find a way to break his curse before she loses him forever?

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