The Wolf, The Witch, and The Wasteland–a post-apocalyptic shifter romance by Jacqueline Sweet

New from Jacqueline Sweet!

Shifter Wars-blue-200

Her heart desired the pirate, but her wolf howled for the shifter prince. How could she love two men at once?

In the not-so-distant future, in an America ripped apart by warring bands of shifters, one girl is all that stands between the people of the wasteland and an evil warlord bent on domination.

Lucia Brightwolf has lived her life trapped behind the crumbling concrete walls of her uncle’s estate. When a message meant for Prince Joaquin falls into her hands, Lucia finally gets her chance to escape. To avert the looming disaster, she’ll need to win the help of a pirate, cross the ruinous wasteland, and seize the ancient power locked in her blood.

Torn between love and duty, between human and shifter, can Lucia stop the schemes of the evil Suzerain and his Witch of the Wastes without sacrificing everything she holds dear?

The Wolf, The Witch, and The Wasteland is the first full-length novel from Jacqueline Sweet.

Get it now on Amazon. And it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


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